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The Southeast Arkansas TEA Party is working to inform and educate our friends and members about candidates and legislation so they will be better prepared as voters when election time arrives. We are a group of like-minded, Christian conservative people from all walks of life who are working to bring honesty, fiscal responsibility and the Constitution back into our government. Our mission is to locate, validate and elect honest candidates to public offices who will govern openly and as per the State and Federal Constitutions. We strive to educate and inform our members and friends so that when the time comes for elections, they will be better able to vote for the best candidates and issues.

Who Are We

We are timber workers, farmers, business people, school teachers, retired state workers, computer specialists, company leaders,  secretaries, pastors of churches of many denominations; we are regular people, working and doing the things we must do to survive.

We are capitalists who believe that an individual must work for what he or she receives in life; and that charity resides in the community and is an individual choice, not a bloated big-government mandated and controlled program. We believe in  a constitutional government where the individual’s  freedom is held sacred. We demand that our Constitution be restored to its rightful place in government. We expect our elected officials to be honest and  held accountable to their constituents for their actions, and we want them removed from office when they violate our trust. We expect honesty and transparence in all government. We want fiscal constraint and responsibility,  and a balanced budget.

We are conservative and we want our conservative principals and values to be a prerequisite in our leaders, in our government and in our public schools.

What has gone wrong with government

We believe the Constitution is being ignored by our government and its elected officials. We have watched the secular progressives, step by step, take GOD and our conservative principals and values out of our public schools, and in their place, our children are indoctrinated to the perverted homosexual lifestyle and other liberal progressive causes. We have seen the Ten Commandments taken out of our public buildings and offices. We have watched the liberal progressives chip away at our  right to keep and bear firearms. We are repulsed by self-serving elected officials who never answer the simplest of questions but choose to dance around them in public, and quietly thereafter, go behind closed doors and sell out to the liberal progressive agenda. And finally, we stand by and watch as our government leaders take our country into absolute bankruptcy with no thought as to how we are going to recover. This is what is wrong.

What is the action Plan

The plan begins with an informed voter. The Southeast Arkansas TEA Party group will host its website http://www.searkansasteaparty.org,  newsletters,  political forums, and public meetings as a public service to the voters.  Each of these services will be dedicated to informing the voter as to who is running for each of the elected offices, who the candidates really are, and finally who is most aligned with our T.E.A. (Taxed Enough Already) principles and values. An informed voter will also need to know when certain legislation is being slipped through Congress and is coming up for a vote in the House or Senate. Our group will attempt to stay on top of this type of legislation and to post it on our website, and/or send out e-mailed news bulletins when representatives and senators should be contacted. These are monumental undertakings for an all-volunteer group, but we think it is worthwhile. However, we ask that our members volunteer as often as possible to assist with these efforts. To accomplish this we will maintain a list of volunteers with work talents that these members are willing to share for our cause.