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We hold our meetings at the Living Word Fellowship in Monticello, AR.

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When: Second Monday each quarter at 6:30 pm

Where: 183 Hwy 425 South, Monticello AR

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U.N. Agenda 21 – Have You Heard of It?

Published on May 2, 2012 by in U.N. Agenda 21

May 2, 2012

To All SEARTP Members and Candidates

During the course of the last year the Southeast Arkansas TEA Party has noticed that all but a few of our candidates and the public at large have little knowledge of a United Nations plan entitled “Agenda 21”. In spite of SEARTP’s desire to understand this agreement in total, we too find ourselves overwhelmed by its size, and scope. What we have come to realize, though; is that it is not good for our people, it has already crept into our state and local governments, and it is stealthy and moving full speed ahead in all governments.  Therefore, we must see the path our government is taking us down and make our views known.

On the surface “Agenda 21” appears to be a well intentioned plan, but most conservatives believe that beneath its luster, the plan is a giant leap in the sinister evolution of a Socialist, one world government with one immediate result being re-distribution of wealth from our citizens to governments of other countries (See activities of World Bank and International Monetary Fund and others).

Therefore, we think it is imperative that our elected officials become better informed about “Agenda 21”. In that regard I am providing a bit of reading material from the United Nations that is of course printed in the best possible light. Please see what the U. N. wants you to see and then research the other views of “Agenda 21” to determine what is more likely to occur as a consequence of this plan’s continued implementation in the United States.

 We believe that if the voters were better informed as to the impacts of this insidious plan, an overwhelming majority would demand immediate withdrawal.

Please study this information and ask your candidate what he knows about “Agenda 21”.





Thank You

Levi Davis



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